Dog Grooming Services

Grooming prices listed are for pets groomed on a regular basis. Prices given are a starting point, and increase based on breed (type of coat and grooming standard), size (time required), and coat condition (extensive matting, fleas). A dog that visits once a year will likely be much more matted and in pain, requiring more time, than a dog who makes it in for a regularly scheduled groom. Please call or stop by to discuss pricing for your individual pet.

Bath Starting at $35

Includes: a minimum of two washes per dog (as many as it takes to get the dog clean), condition the coat, clean the ears, pluck the ears when necessary, anal glad expression, fully dry the dog, full brush out, removal of loose hair, de matting, nail trim and dremel, tidy the feet (top and bottom)

Appointment Required

Haircuts Starting at $65

Includes all services rendered for a bath as well as a haircut. Upon dog drop-off, it is important to us that we be able to speak with the guardian in order to discuss the desired cut and achievable goals.

Appointment Required

Nail Trim $15

Price is based on difficulty of the nail trim.

Walk-Ins Welcome

Anal Gland Expression $15

This is the emptying of a dog’s anal glands.

Walk-Ins Welcome

Nail Trim and Anal Gland Package $25

Get a discount if you schedule nails and anal glands in a single visit.

Walk-Ins Welcome

Day Care Services

Prices vary based on dog. Call to inquire.